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DevOps: Development and Operations

Allied Global DevOps allows organizations to increase the quality and speed of development and the delivery of applications using the best technology

Development and Operations, DevOps for short, is an enterprise software development phrase used to describe a type of agile relationship between development and IT operations. DevOps' goal is to change and improve the relationship between these two business units by advocating better communication and collaboration.

Globally, more and more companies are using and recommending DevOps philosophy because IT organizations recognize this philosophy as the best way to deliver added value quickly, reducing risks and achieving great results for both the organization and its customers.


With Allied Global's DevOps service, you'll be able to align your Development and Operations teams to optimize quality delivery by incorporating lean principles, practices, and automation along with advanced technologies and tools.

Allied Global DevOps Services allows organizations to increase the quality and speed of development and the delivery of applications using the best technology through our Office and DevOps model.

At Allied Global, we focus on helping our customers succeed with a "think big, start small" approach. This approach uses our Enterprise DevOps point of view to set the vision and initiate deployment to significantly impact the shortest possible time through integration and continuous testing.

We also know that each customer is unique, so we combine and refine various elements such as evaluating the company's maturity, developing a personalized roadmap, clearly identifying rapid profits, and medium and long-term initiatives. All this to define the framework and solution that works best for each client. We then start with the implementation of the Model Office as a reference point. Then we implement the acceptance and adoption of DevOps practices, processes, and tools, thus driving continuous execution in line with the roadmap.


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Let us become your best ally in terms of DevOps services. Our product portfolio includes various services that you can find on our corporate website

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