How to make a Customer Care experience effective and successful

The ability to understand your customers, and their behaviors, gives you the insight to develop and grow your revenue with the Customer Care Experience.

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During my 15 years of experience in the changing world of Contact Centers, I have been able to see first-hand the evolution that the Customer Service Outsourcing industry has had, where the barrier that labels us as a client and company service provider has become less visible.

Based on the experience I have had at Allied Global; I believe there are four key pillars to operating a successful and productive Customer Service Account:

1. Choose a good Ally that is transparent: Allied Global's corporate policy is TOTAL transparency. We do not hide anything from our client to assure that we, as a company, have a clear integrity policy, adhering to our values. This policy allows us to build a relationship based on trust and build solutions together.



  1. Double-sided communication: It is essential to have a fluid and assertive communication between the service provider and the client. When this happens, it allows us to exchange ideas for improvements, solutions for identified problems, as well as make decisions proactively and at the moment. This double-sided communication is vital so that we reach the goals and KPIs optimally. The overall goal is for the final customer to be satisfied with the resolution of their concerns.

  1. The cultural affinity among companies: We are a “People First” company, and this means taking care of all of us: clients, employees, and company. When there is a cultural affinity between the client and ourselves, and we have the understanding that people are an essential part of the business, we achieve a culture of motivation and excellence. This type of culture motivates the team to give their very best, without fear of making mistakes, because they know that we will all work together to learn from our mistakes and do better the next time.

With a company culture, you can build a pleasant environment where the Contact Center Representatives or Advisors feel not only part of Allied Global, but also of the company for whom we provide the services. This allows us to control the staff attrition, which translates into better results for our client. We must remember that, for the final customer, the service agent who answers the call represents the contractor and, therefore, must feel identified with it to provide a better service.




  • Teamwork: This is one of the most critical challenges to make Customer Service Outsourcing productive and successful. The contractor company and client must work together to achieve better results, improvements in processes and systems, a better work environment, among others. The basis of a good relationship is teamwork. Part of working as a team is facilitating the right tools and data that allow us, as a service provider, to deliver the BEST service and make immediate decisions to mitigate or solve problems immediately. 

Success, therefore, occurs when there is a true alliance that reaps a long-term relationship. Real teamwork forms when the connection is based on trust, transparency, communication, a shared culture, and teamwork. This work strategy has helped us grow over the years hand-in-hand with many of our clients. When we achieve synergy, we can learn together, and through innovation and a genuinely committed, trained, and motivated team, we migrate from Customer Service to Customer Experience, offering a better experience to the end-user, which is the desired result. 

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