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What is the difference between customer care and customer service?

When you have a business, you must take care of your customers. It doesn't matter if you provide them with a solution, a product, or a service. Your business relies on a good relationship with your customers. One of the most important ways to build and keep a relationship is through customer care. 

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What is customer care? 

Customer Care is a form of being more intimate with your clients, for example, taking care of their needs and making their experience an enjoyable one no matter in what phase they are. If you can practice an excellent customer care experience, your customers will be happy and loyal to your brand. 

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Customer care plays a crucial role in customer experience. It counts as the interaction between your brand and your customer. Customer care is central to the customer's experience when they purchase, the procedure to make their purchase, and what happens after they become a customer. It is essential to take care of the emotions during this process so the relationship can become long-term and lasting. 

What happens when you apply customer care? 

Immediately when you apply customer care to your services and brands, you will see a better interaction with your customers. Your customers will feel like their needs are being considered, they will feel like they are being heard, and you will be able to give them better solutions for their problems. Companies should provide genuine care for their customers in different ways and situations. 

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Customer care vs. customer service

Customer care and customer service must work together to care for the customers that require your services and brand. 

When customer care is in action, your brand builds a personal and emotional connection with the people who interact with it. Meanwhile, in customer service, you assist and advise customers who need help. When you work with both of them, you assist and increase your customer satisfaction. Therefore, customer care and customer service must go hand in hand.

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