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Which parts of your information should be outsourced, and which should be kept in-house?

If you're an IT manager, you already know how tempting it can be to keep every aspect of your job in-house. After all, who wants to pay someone else to do the work that you could be doing? However, there are multiple factors to consider when deciding whether to outsource a specific portion of your IT team's workload.

If you're an IT manager, you already know how tempting it can be to keep every aspect of your job in-house. After all, who wants to pay someone else to do the work that you could be doing? However, there are multiple factors to consider when deciding whether to outsource a specific portion of your IT team's workload. If you choose to outsource, here are the factors you should consider when finding an external service provider that can take on some of your team's responsibilities.


Things that shouldn't be outsourced 


Outsourcing is a good idea for services where you don't have the expertise, but some things should not be outsourced.


Strategic Planning


The big things like the strategic plan should be something you look at every month or month. Where do you want your business to be in a year? What steps can you take as a team to get there? Are you meeting your goals? As a leader, these are questions you should be focusing on and spending time on. Your journey is unique, so do not hand this job to a third party.


Company Culture


Company culture is the backbone of your company, and it could mean the difference between growth and failure. Company culture is built by several vital decisions, which is the key to getting your employees' attention and heart.


Company Culture


Communication Processes


Communication is crucial. How you define expectations, build relationships, and provide clarity for the company is a task with many responsibilities in between; thus, it should be reserved in-house.


 Things you can outsource successfully




This is one of the most common aspects businesses choose to outsource. Many processes and skills are involved; if you are not a financial expert, it will take a lot of time to learn them. Otherwise, a skilled accountant can manage this area perfectly for several businesses at a time; by outsourcing accounting, you will increase your efficiency and save money.




When growing a business, an outside marketing firm can help you do it. Also, these firms are full of professionals who can help you by giving creative ideas and strategies you may not have thought about. These firms absorb everything from ad design, content creation, and social media management.




So also, your company might not have the staff or skill to create sales calls or set up funnels and processes adapted toward closing deals. By outsourcing to sales firms or experts, you'll hand those assignments over to skilled people who will bring in more business.


IT management


It is one of the most prominent outsourcing industries currently. You will outsource to a managed service provider or work with a firm that provides on-demand assistance to handle any tech issues or activities you'll have.


Administrative tasks


Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly common, particularly for solopreneurs and businesspeople who work out of a home office. VAs can handle everything from inbox administration and scheduling to social media posting.




Customer service


For businesses that deal with clients primarily online or over the phone, you can outsource your customer service strategy to an exterior call center or chat service. To do this, you first ought to have processes in place and ensure you give clear instructions to the company managing directly with your customers.


Shipping and logistics


Also, you can have your manufacturing office or a separate drop shipping service handle the shipping and dealing of your products directly to clients. This is often a well-known choice for eCommerce vendors that need to indeed center on the online and marketing aspects of their business.


Human Resources


Human resources envelop any business-related tasks related to hiring, onboarding, or managing your team. The most common outsourcing in this area is to work with a recruiting benefit to bring in qualified candidates for a new position. There are choices for outsourcing training, benefits organization, finance, and time and attendance issues.



Can the internal IT department provide systems more efficiently than an outside provider? 


The assumption behind the strategic-versus-commodity approach is that economies of scale, profoundly skilled individuals, and best practices allow outside providers to supply IT commodities more efficiently than an inside IT division.

Although many IT departments have the same technologies and adequate economies, they do not adopt the best practices that an outsourced supplier does. Most companies that manage their outsourced services can cut costs by 20% to 54%.


 What if your budget is limited to outsourcing everything? 


Selective outsourcing is an approach that represents a significant departure from a conventional system. It is an uncontrollable cost, and, in most cases, leaders cannot fully understand or manage it. Selective outsourcing is the best decision, and most businesses that have chosen to do so have met top management objectives and satisfied most users.


 Where to find outsourcing services, and how to know if they suit your company?


Many places may offer you outsourcing services, but not all of them are of the best quality or have experience. Guatemala is a country with a modern infrastructure and robust telecom services added to the excellent economy. One of the benefits of doing outsourcing in Guatemala it's the ideal geographical location. Its proximity to Mexico and Central America makes it a country bridge of over 68 million inhabitants. After years of continuing to offer to outsource, it continues to rank as one of the primary outsourcing destinations for the BPO industry.



It also has an advanced telecommunications infrastructure; the country assures 99.9% redundancy of its fiber optic connections from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. And the most important thing is the skilled labor force it counts with. The people doing business in Guatemala have access to graduates from 14 different universities with an approximate student enrollment of almost 313,000 individuals educated in humanities and technical areas that meet international standards.


Strategic Planning


The company's processes to outsource determine how effectively it controls said services. The companies that excel in finding quality outsourcing services and choosing what will be outsourced will end up with merely superior services and the ability to recognize and utilize changes in their market.


Implementing and hiring an outsourcing service has a lot of benefits and offers solutions to many common problems. If you are ready to apply these services to your company, we are what you are looking for. Please get in touch with us at and get more information.

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